Menu/Order Online

Now that you have seen a bunch of photos here’s our menu. Some items are available online, some specials and exclusive pizzas are only available online but some that run on limited quantities are over the phone items only. Since our Thin Crust Pizza is a very large pizza we sell “sections” of it as shown on our menu. A Square=Slice, 4 Squares=Small, 8 Squares=Large & 20 Squares can only be described as a Party Tray . If you still have any questions please call us at 858-412-4469 and we will be happy to help.


Local delivery available. We deliver to 3 mile radius. Parts of it we deliver by our electric bicycle, and might need you to meet us at the front door/lobby. If too far for e-bike your order will be delivered by a partner of ours as a contractor.

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