Our Pizzas

Quality in, quality out. We exist in between those two poles.


For us is that simple: we only side and partner with products and their brand if our beliefs align. They have to not only taste good, but stand for quality throughout their processes from how it’s produced all the way to how their employees are treated. Still for us even more important than taste and looks is how does it digests, because this is where the “rubber meets the road”. We’ve devoted ourselves in finding what makes our dough more digestible, because after all we want nutrition without the guilt feeling associated with carbs.


We proudly use Made-in-America products as much as possible, with some specific specialty items from Italy and the Mediterranean area. Produce is from as close to us as possible, to be as fresh as possible. And that’s how we get quality in, and out.

At the current space we produce these variety of pizzas and baked goods, all Sicilian in nature but very different from one another (other than the Cheese Bread). A brief explanation in each will follow.

Thin-crust (aka Boston Beach Pizza)


The owners grew up in the North Shore of Boston Massachusetts, where there’s a style of pizza pretty unknown outside the area but huge for the locals. Some refer to it as “Beach Pizza” given that you can find it in beach areas like Salisbury and Hampton Beach and others to “Bakery Pizza”. This pizza was invented around the 40’s in a traditional Sicilian Bakery in Lawrence MA still in operation today, called Tripoli Bakery which expanded to the beach areas in the 60’s. Other parlors offer the “style” with their own take on it,but they all share the same principles: Baked in large custom blue steel trays, the dough always made in house, proofed in wooden drawers on the workbench, baked with sauce and oregano until almost completely baked and only then receives the cheese, before heading back in the oven now without the tray directly on the hearth. The sauces and cheeses vary slightly from place to place, but almost all will have a sweeter signature sauce.

It’s such a great product with so much local history and memories that we, after working for the outstanding family at Tripoli Bakery for awhile decided to bring our own take of this Merrimack Valley’s treasure with us to the opposite coast.

Upside-down Sicilian


On a trip to Brooklyn NY one time back in the day we had a pizza at a place called L&B Spumoni Gardens that was made in a different way: the cheese went down first, then sauce on top. It looked and sounded different, and after a couple squares we were hooked. Our Sicilian shares that part, but of course with our own spin to it. The properly fermented dough is then pushed out to again proof in tray for at least 6 hours, yielding a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is so light it’s hard to explain. We tried but nothing substitutes a bite. Only available in store or over the phone as quantities are very limited.

Detroit Style (aka Detroit Red Top, Detroit Deep Dish).


Invented in Detroit Michigan in 1946 at a place then called Buddy’s Rendezvous now Buddy’s Pizza. Legend has that Guz Guerra (the father of Detroit Pizza) saw a few steel trays that were the used to hold bolts and nuts on the assembly lines across the city in the auto industries and thought it would work to bake dough in it, well it worked. Another Sicilian pizza in nature the dough gets pushed out and left to rise on these trays, then topped with cheese all the way to the edges so it crisps up forming that golden crown that Detroit Pizza is famed for. The sauce too comes on top in some pizzerias, and others baked it with the sauce. We of course offer out take on it. We bake ours using our blend of cheeses from Wisconsin, then top it with our basil marinara post bake. Soft yet crispy bottom dough, Caramelized Cheese around the edges and house made sauce on top. Does it sounds good? Tastes even better !

Gluten-free Pizza


Made in house using the best gluten-free “flour” mix in the market, Caputo from Naples Italy. One size only, baked in steel trays to avoid any cross contamination. People are going crazy for our gluten-free dough and often enough call us just to make sure that it is gluten free. Well gee, what a complement! Thanks !!!


Vegan Pizzas


We understand that times have changed and with it dietary/allergy needs. So we offer a dairy-free cheese option to our gluten-free dough.

Pão de Queijo (aka Brazilian Cheese Bread)


The owners are Brazilian descendants and if one thing represents Brazil besides Soccer is their Pão de Queijo which translates to Cheese Bread. Made with Cassava/Yucca Flour, Eggs, Milk and Cheese this South American snack is not only delicious but very nutritious. They are also Gluten Free in nature. Try one on your next visit, and your next you might want six.



Our house made Wiped ricotta filling is piped in per order, yielding that crispy crust that cannoli are known for. Two sizes, Small or Large. Options are Plain or ends dipped in Chocolate Chips, Pistachios or Half Chocolate Chips Half Pistachios.